My Film : tOuch BDSM

Currently editing a mainstream, no not erotica this time, BDSM positive documentary film called “tOuch BDSM” for a worldwide cable T.V. release.

A first look……

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Also, could use more dedicated volunteers to help with the general research, promotion, web stuff, washing dishes and rough film editing. If interested please feel free to contact me here or at

My Ethics

Ethical BDSM, heck ethical anything in the arena of human relations, has two things in common. One, it puts the needs and rights of humans first — their mental and physical well being is paramount. And two, it is always done with compassion.

It’s a circle, a complete cycle, starting with compassion, then moving on to honest communication of needs. This is then followed by a frank discussion of possibilities — a negotiation of what might happen — arriving at an agreement. Finally, doing that agreed upon action and always circling back to that start.

“Unethical” is reductive and linear. It simply never factors in any humanity, reducing people to objects. It’s without compassion and anything done without compassion reduces ALL those involved.

In 1997, I was very proud to have introduced the first anti-sexual harassment policy of any adult content producer in Europe.

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