WTF is #CrewZip


I am glad you asked. As many of you already know, I am making the world first Copyright Free / Public Domain Porn Fic.

Well, I plan to work with you in a virtual crew.

How? Well a film project has 10 depts;

1)  #Producer – creates the conditions for filmmaking. The #Producer initiates, coordinates, supervises, and controls all matters such as raising funding, hiring key personnel, and arranging for distributors. The #Producer is involved throughout all phases of the film making process from development to completion of a project. There may be several producers on a film who may take a role in a number of areas, such as development, financing or production.  Tag #Producer #CrewZip If you want to help.

2)  #Director – is responsible for overseeing the creative aspects of a film, including controlling the content and flow of the film’s plot, directing the performances of #Cast, organizing and selecting the locations in which the film will be shot, and managing technical details such as the positioning of cameras, the use of lighting, and the timing and content of the film’s soundtrack. Though directors wield a great deal of power, they are ultimately subordinate to the film’s Producer or Producers. Tag #Director #CrewZip If you want to help.

3) #ArtDept –  is responsible for creating the physical, visual appearance of the film – settings, storyboards, costumes, character makeup, all taken as a unit. The Head of Art Dept, the Production Designer works closely with the #Director and the #CameraDept  to achieve the overal look of the film. Tag #ArtDept #CrewZip If you want to help.

4)  #Writers  A Writer other than creating the original script, may be involved, to varied degrees, with creative aspects of production. Tag #Writers #CrewZip If you want to help.

5)  #CameraDept – and lighting crew of the film work closely together. The Camera Dept makes decisions on lighting and framing of shots in conjunction with the film’s #director. Typically, the #Director tells the #CameraDept how he or she wants a shot to look, and the #CameraDept chooses the correct aperture, filter, and lighting to achieve the desired effect as per the Director’s requirements. Tag #CameraDept #CrewZip If you want to help here.

6)  #SFX – The Special Effects Dept / Supervisor instructs the Special effects crew on how to design moving set elements and props that will safely break, explode, burn, collapse and implode without destroying the film set. He is also responsible for reproducing weather conditions and other on-camera magic. Tag #SFX if you want to help here.

7)  #SoundMusic – Responsible for recording all sound during filming and creation  sound-tract. Tag #SoundMusic if you want to help here.

8)  #Editors – The Film Editor, with the help of the #Director, is the person who assembles the various shots, effects and music into a final film. Tag #Editors if you want to help here.

9)  #Muscle – Grips,  Gaffers and Best boys, The important people that get shit done on set. Tag #Muscle if you want to help here.

10)  #Cast / #Casting The on camera Actors, Stand-ins and Extras / The people that cast them. Tag #Cast / #Casting if you want to help here.

So, first pick a Dept that interests you. Then Tag it and #CrewZip in a tweet and we will find you, when the time is right.

Join out virtual crew. Tweet “I signed up for #CrewZip Today”



How do i get into Porn?

Step 1.
Get a full STD panel done.

Step 2.
Get five strangers to film you having sex with a women you do not know, and keep wood for minimum of one hour.

Step 3,
Submit tape with all documents presuant to 2257 and be prepared to move to: LA, Vegas, Prague or Budapest.

Do these three steps and you might have a shot.

First consider “a Porn Career” is a big life choice, as open as society is becoming, many people are still closeted about their love of porn and may judge you publicly. On the other hand the industry has and will continue to produce some real stars and celebrates.

If you are still keen, submit photos to me. Even if i cannot use you, i will be happy to forward your casting pix to people i trust.