– Best Director Max Candy / Michael Ninn – Foreign Feature   AVN 2014

– Best Foreign Feature  AVN 2014

– Best Sex Scene in a Foreign Shot Production  AVN 2014

Named America’s Favourite Porn Director at “The Sex Awards”     

               Inglorious Bitches / Marc Dorcel / Wicked Pictures    

Inglorious Bitches #NSFW

Inglorious Bitches #SFW

 – Best Foreign Director / AVN

– European Director of the Year / XBIZ

– Best International Porn / TLA Raw

– European Feature Release of the Year /  XBIZ

– Parody Release of the Year (Drama) /  XBIZ

– Best French Film / Vision Awards



Ritual / Marc Dorcel / Wicked Pictures Purchase here:

– Best Foreign Director / AVN

– Best European Film / Erotixxx / Venus Berlin



Ritual / Marc Dorcel / Wicked Pictures

– Best French Film / Hot’OR



Sexual Adventures of Little Red / Private Media Purchase:

– Best European Film / Erotixxx / Venus Berlin



Girl Girl Studio / Private Media

– Best Lesbian Film / Ficeb Barcelona


 Selected Teasers from other Max Candy produced films…

Bande-annonce L'Orgie de L'apocalypse

Une Fille De Bonne Famille 

Ma Premiere Orgie 


Les filles du régiment

Mafia Girl

10 thoughts on “Movies/Awards

  1. Max, just saw you followed me on twitter, thanks for that. Also see you might be in London, give me a shout as Id like to grab an interview, or meet and find out what’s new for you, I work a lot with the press and am thinking of setting up a social network for the glamour industry. Would be great to gauge your thoughts.

  2. My name is John, I am a European p-producer for 3 years now and I make all my work in Asia.
    Can I send you a link to my site?
    I would like to see if you are interested to talk with me.

    kind regards


  3. Hi. Your films are amazing. Nothing else on the net or DVD compares to them. Please could you do one featuring teen boys having sex with older women. This is one of the most popular genres in porn yet not many people do this. I think with your style of films you could create an amazing film of this.

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