I am a Dom, a photographer, documentarian, multi-award winning Erotic/Porn film producer/director and a generally curious soul.

According to https://mosttraveledpeople.com, I am in the 197th most traveled person in the world.

Although a polite gentleman to all, my friends know me as adventurous, creative, naughty, unapologetic and even a little boisterous, I often rub people the wrong way – terribly sorry about that – wink – but I think life is just way too fucking short to be reserved and polite all the time. Life, in my humble opionion, should be a work of art, and good art should be about inspiration born of constantly questioning and challenging the world around you, free from the suffocating worries of always being liked or trying to fit in all the time. This is why I love the Kink community – so many lovely and often misunderstood kindred spirits.

Currently based in Montreal, you will generally find me on a beach in India for the winter.